Free Advice Day for Business Owners

Hampton Dean will be teaming up with a local land agent and a local law firm to host a Business Advice Specialist Day.

The workshop, which will take place at the Royal Oak Hotel, Car Colston on Thursday 7th December 2006, will give clients the opportunity to have a private one to one discussion surrounding any issues that may affect their future business.

Professionals in Tax, Financial and Property Asset Management will provide our clients with an insight into the importance of planning for the future and where they want to be.

Our consultants will help clients to:

Evaluate their current assets…

…Identify areas where they are most exposed to risk

…Assess which assets have the most potential

Look at their future objectives…

…Where would they like to be? 


…Would they like to provide for their dependents?

We will then assist our clients to help them take the right steps and put the right processes in place to ensure they can best achieve their objectives.

This will be a valuable advice day and we hope to bring you news of similar workshops that will be held in the near future.

If you would be interested in finding out about similar advice days, please contact Michelle Sweet at



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